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After the intervention of Highgate’s Lib Dem councillors, the Haringey Council has ordered works on a council block to be redone after repeated complains from residents.

Residents had complained that the double glazing being installed in Grimshaw Close, off North Hill, was not up to standard, and the new windows being put in by the council did not fit.Work has now stopped and the council has ordered it to be redone.

Lib Dem councillor Neil Williams has also expressed concerns at the length of time the scaffolding has been on the building, with residents reporting that the work is only progressing ‘every now and then’. Where the new windows have not fitted, residents have complained of filler foam being used, which is oozing in large quantities from the gaps in the masonry.

Highgate Lib Dem councillor Neil Williams comments:

“I am very unhappy about the works that have been done so far in Grimshaw Close, and I am pleased the council has agreed to instruct the window repairs to be done again. However, this is only part of the problem, as residents are unhappy with several other aspects of the current programme.

“Firm action must now be taken by Haringey to get this repair programme under control. I will be watching the situation closely over coming weeks.”

Mon 16 September 2002
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