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Another by-election

Off campaigning in the Muswell Hill by-election later in the day. Seems beyond cruelty to have had to spend January out knocking on doors in Stroud Green (albeit mitigated by landslide victory taking a Labour seat with a 30% swing to us!) in the cold and the snow – and to go straight into another month out on the knock!

Delivering leaflets with Laura Edge (victor of said Stroud Green) in glorious weather. We bump into two fire fighters by Hornsey Fire Station who come over to chat and wish us well. Have a long chat about the modernisation of the fire service as I am on the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority. They were excellent and really up for the changes that are coming in the fire service. The future is not so much about just fighting fires, but prevention and working with the community for better fire safety. Much better way forward.

Finish last leaflet as downpour arrives.

Sat 7 February 2004
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