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Visiting Camden

Queen Mum stuff! That’s what I call it when I am invited to Lib Dem local party social events or meetings to gee up the troops. Troop geeing up is variable – dependent on nature of local party. This was for Camden Liberal Democrats and held in Belsize Ward. Hosted by Alexis and Laura – who really pulled out all the stops for fantastic, proper, real cooked food! I am there to talk to people and enthuse them for giving their all – be that money, time or blood. And if the food is good – the giving is greater.

I work my way around the attendees and also make a speech. Of course, the Hornsey & Wood Green story (or how I overturned a Labour lead over me in ’97 of 26,000 into a 2,400 majority in 2005) is stirring stories for girls and boys in Labour seats. I do my stuff – and if I were a betting man I would put some money on Lib Dems gaining quite a few council seats next May. And in the General – well watch out Glenda!

Sun 25 September 2005
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