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Wood Green High Road

The last (but one) call of the day is to a big public meeting in Wood Green about the Wood Green Audit. Local residents’ associations have put together after about nine months work an audit of the local conditions and needs for local residents living around the High Road. Haringey Council hired consultants to do a plan to maximise the land use and attractiveness to retail of the area – but hey – they forgot the people! Luckily the people have put together such a comprehensive audit of what they need in terms of care and attention behind the High Road, the back alleys, the need for public toilets, the open spaces and so on.

If they hadn’t done this then I am pretty sure that the issues – the very important and priority issues for local residents – would never have even been considered. Thanks to them – the Council will hopefully now incorporate the residents’ needs into any further planning.

I have suggested that they set up a steering group with the local Residents so that none of this work is lost – and so that they do not go further into any more planning without real input from local people. Hopefully Haringey Council will now recognise that there needs to be real partnership – not dictatorship.

Sat 14 October 2006
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