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Highgate Village Post Office under threat

Bastards! So the Government is planning on closing Highgate Village Post Office. The whole closure program is daft – and the closure of this sub-post office has all over it the hallmarks of out-of-touch bureaucrats who don’t understand the local situation running amok and out of control.

The near-by Archway Road Post Office is over subscribed and you have to queue for half an hour just to get to the counter – and that’s at the moment, let alone after any closure in Highgate.

Our Highgate Post Office is needed. It serves the community. We love it. How dare they?

Well – they’ve got a fight on their hands. Six weeks ‘consultation’ – so into battle we go!

For starters – you can download and print off this Post Office petition flyer. Just printing off a few copies and delivering them to your neighbours will give the campaign a real boost. Or get in touch if you’d like a larger number to give to your neighbours or hand out at work. Thanks!

UPDATE: There’s also an online petition you can sign too along with a Facebook campaign.

Thu 14 February 2008
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