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First Labour, then Tories betray Wards Corner, says Lib Dem campaigner David Schmitz

Betrayal – that is the verdict of Liberal Democrat Tottenham Spokesman David Schmitz, after the office of London’s Conservative Mayor, Boris Johnson, moved to back Haringey Council’s plans for Wards Corner.

Mr Schmitz says the move, which came in a letter to Haringey Council from Ian Clement, Deputy Mayor for Government Relations, will dismay local residents and campaigners. During the election campaign Johnson had told them that he would back local traders.

But the battle does not end here according to the Liberal Democrat campaigner.

“The Mayor cannot wash his hands of the problem simply by refusing to intervene in the planning process,” says David Schmitz.

“The Mayor, through London Underground Ltd., has the power, as the owner of a large part of the site, to control what happens there. He can stop the scheme no matter what the planning position may be – and that is exactly what he must do.

“Also, there are serious concerns about the way in which the planning committee reached its decision, and a legal challenge could very well succeed.

“Local residents have been working incredibly hard to save a fine building and a vibrant market in a conservation area, but Haringey Council has just ignored them. It cannot see the value which the building would have if it were to be restored, and it cares so little about the market that it has unquestioningly accepted assurances from the developers.”

Tue 9 December 2008
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