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Stroud Green parking survey

My Lib Dem council colleagues from Stroud Green ward (Ed Butcher, Laura Edge and Richard Wilson) have launched their parking survey on the internet to gain further views from local residents.

They’d already begun a door-to-door survey in response to news that Haringey Council were delaying plans to review the Finsbury Park Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) until at least 2010. Curses on the dreaded Haringey Council – can they do nothing right? When you go door-to-door, not everyone is in etc, so hopefully this online survey will reach out further

If you’d like to take part in the survey, go to

Tue 23 June 2009
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  1. Clive Carter says:

    LOCAL residents in Stroud Green will remember Brian Haley attending a meeting of the Residents Association about two or three years ago. He said the extension of the Finsbury Park CPZ over the lower part of Oakfield Road was "silly".

    Many residents would be inclined to agree with this honest assessment. There was not a problem with parking before the extension and few if anyone now parks on the bridge.

    The lower part of Oakfield Road goes across bridge which crosses the north London railway line. There are no houses alongside and it is a natural buffer or overflow area to absorb the knock-on /displacement effect of the Finsbury Park CPZ extension.

    Brian Haley also promised to review this extension.

    That was two or three years ago. Nothing's happened.

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