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Well done Rugby League!

The RFL (Rugby Football League) was one of the first sporting bodies to sign up to the Coalition’s Sports Charter – which is about tackling homophobia and transphobia in sport.

Signing up is the first step – but it’s about more than signing a charter as the RFL have already shown. Not only were the Sheffield Eagles the first team to wear Tackle It shirts – but now the RFL have produced a ‘Tackle It video. You can watch it here.


Tue 14 February 2012
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  1. BOBBIE says:

    Why do you focus so much on sexuality. Why not sign the Football League up to fighting racism, particularly with the way Suarez treated a black man (Patrice Evra) and also the many instances of racism in the Premier League or is that not on your agenda.

  2. Harriet Harms Man says:

    BOBBIE – Lynne’s only concerns are discrimination against females and LGBT people. All other issues are irrelevant to her, particularly discrimination against men (something she mostly encourages and even enjoys doing herself).

  3. Stroud Green Voter says:


    You – because you are collectively responsible for all the policy decisions the government makes – are allowing the distribution of homophobic material in our schools. You – because you are collectively responsible for all the policy decisions the government makes – say that the equality act does not apply to the curriculum and so therefore there is no obligation on you to stop this. You will be judged on your actions, not your press releases. And your actions show you to be a fool at best, a hypocrite at worst.
    We know after the tuition fee fiasco you will always prefer the privileges of office to the hard grind of principle so there is no point in expecting anything better.

  4. dave says:

    I agree with Stroud Green Voter. Not that the Labour party is any better.

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