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Lynne Featherstone MP calls for urgent meeting on local travel chaos

Lynne Featherstone MP has called for an urgent meeting with Transport for London (TfL) chiefs, as major roadworks continue to cause traffic chaos across parts of the Hornsey and Wood Green constituency.

Major works are currently occurring on Wood Green High Road and Muswell Hill Broadway. Both are causing buses to be diverted and cancelled, heavy traffic jams, and inconvenience for motorists and commuters.

Residents have expressed their concerns about the lack of notice given by TfL and Haringey Council before the works started. Traders are also not happy about the disruptions happening in the run up to Christmas.

A number of residents have contacted the Lib Dem MP to complain about the works and suggest alternatives. The MP for Hornsey and Wood Green will represent the complaints and ideas to TfL chiefs at the meeting.

Lynne Featherstone MP commented:

“The lack of notice from TfL and Haringey Council is appalling. As soon as I found out, I sent an email to residents to give them advance warning. It was the first many of them had heard about the roadworks.

“The works are now causing such a disruption, that I have called an urgent meeting with TfL chiefs. I will do all I can to get them to minimise the disruption over the coming weeks and months. I have a number of ideas from residents, which I am more than happy to pass on to them.

“I will also be raising the timing of the works at Muswell Hill Broadway with them. Surely, it should have been done over summer to minimise the impact on commuters and traders.”

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Lynne Featherstone MP takes part in Finsbury Park Community Games

Lynne Featherstone MP with volunteer organisers and children who participated in the Finsbury Park community gamesLynne Featherstone on Sunday attended the Finsbury Park Community Games – a sports day organised by Westminster Justice and Peace church group, in partnership with local churches, mosques and councils.

‘Community Games’ take place across the country, with the aim of bringing a community together to take part in sporting and cultural activities, inspired by London 2012.

The Liberal Democrat MP made a speech to the attendees, highlighting the importance of faith groups and community groups working together, and of keeping sport alive in the community after the successful London Olympics.

After giving a speech, the Hornsey and Wood Green MP met with the organisers of the games, and the people who attended and took part.

Lynne Featherstone MP commented:

“It was great to see the local community pulling together and organising the Finsbury Park Community Games.

“In 2012, we saw the most fantastic spirit from our athletes and our country. In Haringey we’re leading the way in keeping this up – thanks to the hard word of the community volunteers who organised these games and other events.

“Next year, I have promised to help the organisers of the Community Games promote the event more widely – so as many residents as possible get to take part.”

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Lynne Featherstone MP joins the People’s Climate march in London

Lynne Featherstone MP on the People’s Climate March, LondonLynne Featherstone MP yesterday joined thousands of people in central London on the Climate March. It was one of 2,000 similar events taking place in 150 countries.

The marches seek to raise awareness of climate change issues, in advance of the summit on climate change in New York.

The Liberal Democrats are the only major party that prioritises tackling climate change.

The Lib Dem Secretary of State for Energy, Ed Davey, has secured a commitment to halve UK greenhouse gases by 2025. 200,000 new green jobs have been created since 2010, and the amount of electricity generated from offshore wind has doubled.

Further Lib Dem achievements include planting 1 million trees in England (as part of the first government tree planting programme since the 1970s) and introducing a 5p plastic bag charge to help clean up the environment and protect Britain’s natural habitat.

Lynne Featherstone MP commented:

“I really enjoyed attending the Climate March. There were so many different people there, all united behind one cause – making our planet greener and safer, by protecting in from the threats of climate change.

“The Liberal Democrats will never abandon our commitment to the environment. We are the only party that has a record of prioritising and delivering green jobs and green growth in Government. My Lib Dem colleague Ed Davey has worked hard to make sure the environment stays at the top of the agenda, even though it isn’t a priority for the Conservatives.

“Thanks to this, we’ve secured a vital commitment to halve UK greenhouse gases by 2025, along with so many other measures like tree-planting, a plastic bag charge and greater use of offshore wind.”

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Lynne Featherstone MP meets with Network Rail over Bounds Green alleyway mess

Lynne Featherstone MP discusses problems caused by Network Rail’s failure to maintain the land with Network Rail representatives and local residents. Local MP Lynne Featherstone and concerned local residents met with Network Rail yesterday, to demand that they better maintain the land they own in Bounds Green.

Residents have long complained about the build-up of rubbish and waste on the land, which borders a frequently used alleyway. A campaign by residents and Lynne Featherstone MP saw the land cleared in 2003 – but it has since deteriorated again.

At the meeting, residents expressed their continued dissatisfaction with the state of the land, and the MP for Hornsey and Wood Green demanded that the huge piles of rubbish be cleared as soon as possible, and the land maintained regularly.

Network Rail agreed to this, and further agreed to work with residents, the MP and the council to keep the land properly maintained in the future.

Lynne Featherstone MP commented:

“It shouldn’t take intervention from an MP to get Network Rail to agree to clear up and maintain their land. It is in a terrible state, and it makes the alleyway look dirty and dangerous.

“I am glad that Network Rail agreed to clear the land and to maintain it regularly. I will be keeping a close eye on this to make sure it happens.

“In the long term, I want to push for improvements to the alleyway itself, to make it safer and cleaner. I will be consulting local residents on what they would like to see happen.”

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Lynne Featherstone MP reports local rubbish ‘health and safety risk’ to Haringey Council

Lynne Featherstone MP on Lordship Lane, with the pile of uncollected and dumped rubbish Local MP Lynne Featherstone has stepped up her call for better rubbish collections in Wood Green, following further complaints from local residents about the state of their streets. The call also follows the discovery of a pile of unsafe and festering rubbish on Lordship Lane.

The Liberal Democrat MP recently ran a survey for Wood Green residents, asking them to report problems. She has made dozens of representations on behalf of residents to the Labour-run council in the last few weeks alone.

The MP for Hornsey and Wood Green has made repeated calls for Labour-run Haringey Council to improve their services, and to fine their contractor if they fail to meet standards. So far, the Council have not done this.

Lynne Featherstone MP commented:

“Wood Green is a vibrant and diverse area, with a number of great community assets like parks, community centres and restaurants. But all too often, the area is blighted by piles of uncollected and dumped rubbish.

“On Sunday, I walked down Lordship Lane and noticed an awful pile of rubbish on the High Street, blocking residential doors. It was beyond unpleasant – it was a genuine health and safety risk.

“The Labour-run council and their contractor Veolia really must improve their service, so that visitors and residents alike can enjoy the area and its surroundings.”

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Lynne Featherstone MP gives talk on development to Muswell Hill volunteers

Lynne Featherstone addresses the soup kitchen volunteersLynne Featherstone MP on Saturday joined the Muswell Hill Baptist Church soup kitchen volunteers for a reflective practice session.

Around 25 volunteers attended the session to discuss ‘what is poverty?’ The Liberal Democrat MP, who is also a minister in the Department for International Development, gave a talk on her experiences visiting Africa and witnessing extreme poverty there.

The talk was followed by a questions session, chaired by the Soup Kitchen founder Martin Stone. During the session, the local MP agreed with the volunteers that there was a need to tackle poverty in the UK, and highlighted measures taken by the Liberal Democrats to help alleviate poverty here.

These include raising the personal tax allowance, which takes thousands of low paid and part-time workers out of paying tax altogether, and the introduction of free school meals for all infant school pupils.

Lynne Featherstone MP commented:

“It was a pleasure to meet with the dedicated soup kitchen volunteers, to discuss the important issue of tackling and alleviating poverty – at home and abroad.

“In my ministerial role, I have witnessed acute and devastating poverty in Africa. Through the Department for International Development, aid, support and education are provided to those most in need.

“Though, poverty is of course relative to the society in which you live, and there are also people in this country who struggle to buy enough food or keep a roof over their head. Both of these issues must be tackled.

“That’s why, in the UK, the Lib Dems have taken measures like raising the personal allowance, giving mid – low paid workers an £800 tax cut. Hundreds of thousands of part-time and low-paid workers have been taken out of paying tax altogether.

“I’m always happy to discuss these issues with local residents. The work Martin Stone does at the soup kitchen is just fantastic, and I’d like to thank him for giving me the opportunity to speak to the volunteers.”

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Lynne Featherstone MP gives prizes at local Horticultural Show

Lynne Featherstone MP with some prize winning flowersLynne Featherstone MP on Saturday went to the Muswell Hill & District Horticultural Society Autumn show.

The event was well attended by gardeners and local residents interested in the display. The society volunteers provided tea and homemade cake.

The Lib Dem MP was given a tour of the flowers, fruit and vegetables on display, before giving out the prizes to the winning gardeners.

Lynne Featherstone MP commented:

“It was a pleasure to attend the Autumn show and give out the well-deserved prizes. I am always so amazed by what the members of the society are able to produce.

“I’d really like to credit the work put in by the volunteers to host the show. It always runs smoothly, and is an occasion enjoyed by all. I look forward to presenting more prizes in the future.”

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Lynne Featherstone visits new local businesses

Local Lib Dem MP meets the team at new cafe The Yard at Alexandra Palace station in Wood GreenLynne Featherstone MP last week visited a new café in Alexandra Palace station. The Yard serves teas, coffees, fresh fruit and vegetable juices, smoothies and food to take away.

The Lib Dem MP popped in to the Café in between talking with station users about her campaign to make local stations, like Alexandra Palace, more accessible.

Lynne Featherstone commented:

“It’s great to see a new local business opening, especially one serving such a wonderful range of healthy drinks, coffee and food. I’m sure commuters are delighted that the Yard has opened, and I wish the business every success.”

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Haringey youngsters secure interviews and training courses at Lynne Featherstone MP’s apprenticeship event

Lynne Featherstone MP and local organisation 5e at the apprenticeship eventLynne Featherstone MP yesterday hosted a packed apprenticeship event at Haringey Civic Centre in Wood Green.

Over 100 people came through the doors to take a look at the opportunities available with organisations such as Barclays, the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation and the National Apprenticeship Service.

At the event, one attendee secured an interview at a local restaurant, six people signed up for a stewarding course at Tottenham Hotspurs, and local organisation 5e enrolled 15 people on their ‘skills boost’ programme.

25 of the people who attended expressed an interest in a community cadet course with the London Fire Brigade, and 14 will attend an open day at the North London Garages next week.

Youth unemployment in the Lib Dem MP’s constituency of Hornsey and Wood Green has halved since 2010. At the event, the local MP said she wanted Haringey to continue to lead the way in getting into work.

Lynne Featherstone MP commented:

“This year’s apprenticeship event was a great success. I’d like to thank all the companies who came along to advertise their courses and vacancies, and wish all the attendees who signed up for courses and open days the best of luck.

“Apprenticeships are a great way to kick start a career and I am so pleased to be able to advertise them to local youngsters by putting on this event. Creating apprenticeships is a Lib Dem priority, and we’ve worked with businesses to help create 1.8 million new positions in the last 4 years.

“With youth unemployment in my constituency halved since 2010, our bright young talent here in Haringey are really setting a great example to the rest of the capital!”

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Lynne Featherstone MP takes accessibility petition to the station

Lynne Featherstone MP with Dawn Barnes and Councillor Gail Engert, campaigning for step free access at Alexandra Palace Station

Lynne Featherstone MP and the Haringey Liberal Democrats were at Alexandra Palace rail station this morning, talking to commuters about the campaign to improve accessibility.

Local stations such as Hornsey, Alexandra Palace, Bowes Park and Harringay are all very difficult to access for many disabled and elderly people, or those with pushchairs, bikes and heavy bags.

The Liberal Democrat MP launched the campaign – which calls on Network Rail to undertake a study into making the stations ‘step-free’ – last month, and has already attracted over 500 signatures in support.

The MP for Hornsey and Wood Green has also arranged a meeting with Network Rail in September, to present the petition and push for the study into our local rail stations.

Commenting, Lynne Featherstone MP said:

“It is just not acceptable in this day and age to have such useful local services which are not accessible to everyone.

“At Alexandra Palace, work has been done to make the bridge accessible and step free. But then there is no step-free way to get down on the platform. It is clear that an elevator is needed, as soon as possible. This is the kind of improvement the study could look into.

“I hope residents will get behind this campaign. Even if they are not directly affected by the access problems – I am sure they all know someone who is. The more signatures we get, the stronger our case to Network Rail will be.”

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