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Lynne Featherstone MP wins top Pink News Award

Lynne Featherstone MP accepts her award from Ben Cohen, Chief Executive and Founder of Pink News. Lynne Featherstone MP was last night presented with an award by Pink News, the most read gay news service in Britain.

The top award, called ‘Ally of the Year,’ was given to the Lib Dem MP in honour of her tireless work to promote LGBT rights both at home and abroad.

The MP for Hornsey and Wood Green was the architect of Equal Marriage law during her time as minister for equalities in the Home Office, and now works in the Department for International Development to push the agenda on the global stage.

Lynne Featherstone MP is also nominated for Stonewell’s ‘Politician of the Year’ award, which due to be announced next week.

Lynne Featherstone MP commented:

“I’d like to thank Pink News for giving me this award, and everyone who was at the event for the reception they gave me – it’s so heart-warming.

“Bringing about this positive social change is one of the greatest achievements of our generation, and I’m so thankful to all the organisations, politicians, civil servants and people who supported the successful campaign for Equal Marriage law from start to finish.”

One local resident tweeted:

“So pleased to be there to see my MP @lfeatherstone receive a @pinknews Award tonight for her work to bring in same-sex marriage.”


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Lynne Featherstone MP welcomes £317,486 boost for children in Haringey

Nurseries, childminders and other early year’s providers in Haringey are set for a £317,486 cash injection to help three and four-year-olds from disadvantaged families.

Children from low income families have often fallen behind more well off classmates before they even start school.?

But from April 2015, the Early Years Pupil Premium – which has been backed by groups like Barnados, 4Children and the Child Poverty Action Group – will mean extra money to make sure every child gets a fair start.

Nurseries and schools will be free to choose how to spend the money, which is part of a £50m Government pot.

It comes on top of Lib Dem-led changes in Government to help families, which include shared parental leave, tax free childcare, Free School Meals, and a pupil premium for school age children.

Lynne Featherstone MP said:

“By investing £317,486 in Haringey to help the most disadvantaged three and four-year-olds, Liberal Democrats are ensuring that children are getting the best possible start in life.

“All the evidence shows that helping children as early as possible is key to making sure they do not fall behind. That is why this announcement is fantastic news for children and parents.

“This is all part of our aim to create a fairer society and opportunity for everyone.”

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Over 22,000 people in Haringey to get pensions rise

The basic state pensions will rise by at least £2.85 a week thanks to the Liberal Democrats triple lock. It means 22,369 pensioners in Haringey will benefit from an increase in their pension.

This rise will bring the level of the state pension to at least £115.95, and will benefit millions of pensioners across the UK. This is £18.30 more, each week, than in 2010 when the Liberal Democrats entered coalition. This means pensioners on the full basic state pension are £950 a year better off than they were under Labour.

The triple lock delivers a pension rise of whichever is the greater of average earnings, inflation or 2.5%, meaning pensioners across Haringey will see more money in their pockets.

The Liberal Democrats campaigned for it in opposition, have delivered it in Government and have pledged to write it into law in the next Parliament.

Commenting, Liberal Democrat Pensions Minister Steve Webb said:

“This is fantastic news and proof that the Liberal Democrats are delivering in government.

“Thanks to the triple lock commitment in our manifesto pensioners across the country have benefited from a substantial income boost this parliament.

“I am proud of this record of delivery and that we are the only party with a 2015 manifesto promise to write the triple lock into law.”

Commenting further, Lynne Featherstone MP said:

“Liberal Democrats are building a stronger economy and a fairer society, and that means treating pensioners with the respect that they deserve.

“Figures show that inflation is lower than expected. It’s good news for the economy and for pensioners too – as the triple lock kicks in and guarantees a 2.5% rise in the state pension. Without this guarantee, the rise in the state pension would have only been 1.2% – in line with current inflation rates.

“It’s a stark contrast to life under the Conservatives who broke the link between pensions and earnings in the Thatcher years, and life under Labour when pensioners were insulted with rises as low as 75p.”

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Lynne Featherstone MP nominated for another MP of the year award

Lynne Featherstone MP working as International Development ministerLynne Featherstone MP has been nominated for ‘MP of the Year’ award. The awards are being hosted by the Patchwork Foundation, in association with 3FF, Mosaic, UpRising and The National Union of Students.

The Patchwork Foundation believes in promoting and highlighting best practice in the area of under-represented, deprived and minority community engagement. The society rewards MPs who work closely with such communities and deliver excellent representation and coverage to otherwise underrepresented segments of society, by acknowledging them as ‘MP of the Year.’

The ceremony will take place on Wednesday 5th November.

The MP for Hornsey and Wood Green has also been nominated for the ‘Politician of the Year’ award by Stonewall, for her work on equalities.

The Liberal Democrat MP was nominated by one of her constituents, who said:

“Lynne has worked hard to help minority groups. She has pushed hard for better NHS funding and support to help those who are deprived and rely on the NHS services more than most. She always shown support for the BME community and recognises the vital role BME communities play in the UK and that they need to be supported further.”

Lynne Featherstone MP commented:

“It’s such an honour to be nominated for this award by one of my constituents – I’d like to thank them for taking the time to put me forward.

“I am lucky enough to represent a very diverse area of London – with over 180 languages spoken in my constituency alone. I do my best to meet as many of the local communities as possible, to see if there are any issues I can help with. I also keep them informed about my work as an international development minister, and the many visits I make to Africa.”

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Lynne Featherstone MP re-launches campaign for more local health funding

Lynne Featherstone MP calls for fairer health funding for HaringeyLynne Featherstone MP has re-launched her campaign for more funding for Haringey’s health services.

Last year, the MP for Hornsey and Wood Green exposed figures revealing that Haringey Borough receives hundreds of pounds less funding per person, per year, than neighbouring boroughs such as Camden and Islington. The disparity is due to Haringey historically being classified as an ‘outer’ London borough, rather than ‘inner’ London like Camden and Islington.

After a long campaign, NHS England amended the funding formula, giving Haringey an above inflation, £7.6 million increase in funding this year. This was a higher increase than Islington and Camden – but there is still a disparity in funding levels.

The Liberal Democrat MP has requested a meeting with NHS England to make the case for further changes. At the meeting, the local MP will present a new petition backing her call, which has already attracted hundreds of signatures since its launch of Friday.

Lynne Featherstone MP commented:

“Securing an extra £7.6 million funding for Haringey health services last year was a massive step in the right direction. I was so glad that NHS England listened and changed their funding formula.

“But, there is still an unfairness that needs to be addressed – as Haringey is still receiving less funding per person than neighbouring boroughs.

“That’s why I’ve restarted my campaign and called a meeting with NHS England to discuss the funding arrangements, and their progress in making funding fairer. I hope as many residents as possible will add their voice to the campaign prior to the meeting.”

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Lynne Featherstone MP supports Muswell Hill traders

 Lynne Featherstone MP meets with over 20 local traders to discuss the issues they face due to Haringey Council’s poorly planned road works.Lynne Featherstone MP last week met with over 20 local retailers, who have suffered a loss in trade of up to 60% due to Labour-run Haringey Council’s poorly planned road works.

The traders had little notice of the works, and are very dissatisfied with the way the works have been managed.

They asked the MP for Hornsey and Wood Green to help them with their demand for two months’ business rate refund from Haringey Council.

When the works began, the Lib Dem MP contacted Transport for London (TfL) bosses. TfL stated: ‘the Borough is the local Highway Authority and is therefore responsible for either promoting or coordinating this work,’ and suggested that the local MP contacted Haringey Council for an explanation.

The MP for Hornsey and Wood Green has arranged a meeting with the Haringey Council Chief Executive this Friday, where she will raise the traders’ concerns and business rates refund request.

Lynne Featherstone MP commented:

“These road works have caused misery for residents, commuters, bus users and traders. Haringey Council gave minimal notice, they did not consult, and they chose the worst time of year to undergo these works.

“As a result, our local shops are seeing up to 60% losses in trade – and it just isn’t fair.

“Local Lib Dem action has already secured extra bus services from TfL. We’re also calling for free High Street parking between now and Christmas to help boost trade. On Friday, I’ll be meeting with the Chief Executive of Haringey Council, to pass on the traders request for a business rate refund.”

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Lynne Featherstone MP calls meeting with Royal Mail following floods of complaints

Lynne Featherstone MP, Cllr Richard Wilson and Cllr David Schmitz outside Hornsey Sorting Office with petition slips.Lynne Featherstone MP has set up a meeting with Royal Mail chiefs, following daily complaints by local residents about their parcel delivery and collection service.

Royal Mail closed their Sorting Office in Hornsey on the 22nd September, and relocated the service to an office on the Bush Industrial Estate in N19.

The closure, first proposed by Royal Mail in 2012, eventually occurred despite a campaign to save the office, which was led by Lynne Featherstone MP and had the support of over 1000 local residents.

Royal Mail agreed to pilot a new redelivery scheme in the local area following the closure, in order to mitigate the inconvenience to residents. However, residents have contacted the local MP to inform her that the service is not working.

Lynne Featherstone MP said:

“Local residents and I campaigned successfully for two years to keep Hornsey Sorting Office open. It was a huge blow last month when Royal Mail abruptly closed the office and relocated the services.

“Now, residents are faced with travelling to N19 to pick up their parcels, or to pay to have them delivered to a local collection point. Royal Mail told us that the new redelivery scheme would solve the problem – but it doesn’t seem to be working.

“I’ve arranged a meeting with Royal Mail so I can pass on all the feedback from local residents. Hopefully they can use it to vastly improve the redelivery system in the run up to Christmas. I’ll also be reminding them of my call for a ‘like-for-like’ replacement service – which would be a free, local, parcel collection point.”

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Unemployment in Hornsey and Wood Green drops to just 3%

Local MP Lynne Featherstone has welcomed yesterday’s employment figures, which show that 30.76 million people in the UK are now in work, the highest level on record.

The number of people unemployed has fallen below 2 million for the first time since 2008, while youth unemployment has seen the largest annual fall since records began.

Over the last year every region and nation in the UK has seen a fall in unemployment – again, the largest annual fall since records began, which brings the rate to a new 6 year low of 6%.

In Lynne Featherstone’s constituency of Hornsey and Wood Green, unemployment has fallen to just 3% – down from 5.2% in 2010. Youth unemployment locally has halved.

Lynne Featherstone MP commented:

“The employment rate is back up to the pre-recession levels – and it’s no surprise, with nearly 1.3 million more people working full time since 2010.

“I’m so pleased that we’re leading the way in Haringey, with local youth unemployment down by half since 2010.

“The apprenticeship event I held this year was full young and ambitious people looking to get into work. I’m glad that they have a better chance to find work now than they did before 2010.”

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Update on New River Village repairs

Lynne Featherstone MP and a local resident make demands to the Circle 33 Managing Director outside the New River Village Colorado apartments. Lynne Featherstone MP has met with Circle 33’s Managing Director for an update on the ongoing problems with social housing at New River Village.

Residents at the Colorado apartments remain unhappy with living conditions, reporting ongoing damp and problems with the lift and roof.

The MP for Hornsey and Wood Green brought the issue to light last year, with a video showing the extent of the problem. Some repairs have been made and many residents have been relocated, but the situation remains unacceptable for the remaining residents.

Circle 33 have been involved in ongoing discussions with developers St James, as studies have now revealed problems with the way the apartments were built by the developers.

Circle 33 hope to reach an agreement with St James about how to make, and fund, the complete repairs as soon as possible and to minimise disruption to residents.

Lynne Featherstone MP commented:

“I have long raised concerns about the quality of development of the Colorado apartments. Residents have suffered for years with leaks, damp and broken lifts and doors.

“Circle have reacted to the problems and have relocated residents – but it seems that more substantial repairs are needed to the building itself.

“If the problems do lie in the way the building was built, St James must act without delay to rectify them – even if that does mean stripping everything back and rebuilding. I won’t let this issue drop – and will carry on pushing for better living standards for my constituents.”

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Lynne Featherstone MP nominated for Politician of the Year award

Lynne Featherstone MP on this year’s pride march – celebrating equal marriageLynne Featherstone MP has been nominated for Stonewall’s ‘Politician of the Year’ award.

The 25th Anniversary Awards, which will take place in the Raphael Gallery of the Victoria & Albert Museum, celebrate the outstanding contribution of individuals and groups towards equality over the past year.

In her former role as Equalities Minister, Lynne Featherstone MP was the architect of the Equal Marriage consultation and Bill – which has now become law.

Lynne Featherstone MP commented:

“It’s a huge honour to be nominated for this award – thank you very much to Stonewall! I look forward to attending the awards.

“In the UK, we have made incredible progress with equal marriage. Words can’t really describe the overwhelming joy I felt attending two beautiful wedding ceremonies on that historic day in March, when finally love became equal before the law.

“I still get very emotional when people thank me for my work on same-sex marriage. Often when I speak at an event someone, usually a young man, will approach me and say ‘thank you’ – it’s incredibly heart-warming.”

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